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Call us at 800-961-4601

Website Hosting and Management

To build a solid web presence, it is imperative that your website be designed well and functions perfectly, yet what’s even more important is it stays online… all the time! Downtime can not only drive away potential customers but also impact overall user experience.

Just imagine: a lead you have been working hard to direct to your website finally decides to check it out but when they try to log on, your website is not available. There is only one plausible outcome of this scenario: you just lost a lead.

Now, unless your target audience is generous with their time and are extremely patient, you cannot afford to have your website going down, even for a few seconds. Did you know 99.9% uptime is a common feature of the websites of the leading brands in the world? Check out Apple’s website at any time of the night or day, and from any corner of the world, and you will find it online.

If you are worried about your website going down and don’t trust your current web host completely, we can help you. Boost Digital has been in the website hosting and management business for a long time and we have helped many companies find the best web hosting solutions which guarantee maximum uptime without any drop in quality of services.

We ensure this by helping you find web hosting solutions which are not only perfect for your needs but also suit your budget. We are always on call should you ever face any issues with your hosting provider. Yes, we put our money where our mouth is! We want one thing and that is to keep your website online at all times!

Our range of website hosting and management services includes:

  • Web Hosting: Helping you locate the ideal hosting solution for your needs to ensure your website remains online 24×7, 365, keeping your budget in mind. You can rely on the solutions we suggest, and we will also provide round the clock support should you face any problems.
  • Domain Management: From registering a domain to ensuring it remains cost-effective, Boost Digital tackles every step of the process. Your domain is the identity of your brand online and we help you get maximum value from it.
  • IT Support: Any business using computing devices needs IT support to keep its operations up and running. We can provide the support you need to ensure you don’t face any operational downtime.
  • Google Apps Implementation and Support: We assist you in deploying and implementing Google Apps to support your operations. Using our experience and expertise, we help minimize risk and maximize value from the Google apps you use.

Effective website hosting and management can prove the difference between a boost in sales and a loss of customers. Get in touch with Boost Digital today to discuss your needs.