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Call us at 800-961-4601

Website Design & Development

The appearance of your website has an immense impact on your business. Here are a few stats you should consider:

  • Visitors won’t spend more than 2 seconds waiting for your website to load. If it doesn’t, they will click away.
  • Websites which don’t have a clear layout and structure and are difficult to navigate can drive away potential customers.
  • It is better to not have a business website at all than one which looks as if it was designed decades ago. Responsive design is the name of the game today. If your website isn’t responsive, it won’t be seen!

Simply put, if your website loads slowly, looks unattractive and isn’t user-friendly, you cannot expect conversions or lead generation from it. Remember, your website is the hub of your online presence. If you don’t get it right, you will miss out on potential customers. This is where Boost Digital comes in.

We stay on top of cutting edge web design trends, which enable us to create websites that not only look great and load fast, but are equipped with all the bells and whistles the tech-savvy internet users of today expect from a business website.

Don’t underestimate the detrimental effect a poorly designed website can have on your business. It will not only hurt sales but also affect your reputation. A brand which doesn’t take time to upgrade and update their web presence cannot be trusted, right? Even If this isn’t the case, you can expect your visitors to feel this way.

Keep in mind, you have but a couple of seconds to capture the attention of your potential customers once they land on your website. A shoddy online presence will only drive them away, straight to your competitors.

Our team of web design and development professionals bring their expertise and experience to bear to create for you a website which converts. Give us a chance and we will help you blow your visitors away!

What We Do

  • Website Design: From basic to complex, we offer a range of website design options. Discuss your needs with us and we will design a website that perfectly suits the requirements of your business, helping you bolster your online presence and bring in leads.
  • Website Development: While great design improved the frontend of your website, we also work on the backend. We develop it to be more user-friendly and in line with modern website trends, which includes mobile-friendliness and a navigable structure.
  • Website Migration: If you plan to switch hosting providers or otherwise wish to avail our website hosting and management services, we will help you migrate your website from the previous provider to the new one, without any downtime or loss of data, ensuring no hassle for you.
  • Content Management Systems: Pick any CMS of your choice, whether WordPress or Joomla. We have just the experts to design a website based on it.
  • Website Monitoring: We can help keep your website up and running and prevent possible disruptions with our comprehensive website monitoring services.
  • Webmaster Services: Allow us to be the webmaster for your website to ensure SEO-friendliness, among other features. We will make sure your site meets all necessary requirements to rank high and be user-friendly at the same time.

Virus Monitoring and Remediation: Protect your website from malware, viruses, and other harmful elements by using our virus monitoring and remediation. We will try our best to prevent viruses from affecting your site and in case of an attack, deal with the problem without delay.

We are your one-stop shop for comprehensive website design and development services.