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Call us at 800-961-4601

Content Creation and Marketing

Content is King. It’s almost a cliché after all these years…but it still holds true. Google loves good content and in fact, websites with poor quality content can expect to be penalized.

In this digital, mobile “always on” age of marketing, online consumers have become accustomed to well-produced, quality content. They expect brands to deliver content that is not only engaging and easy to read, but also offers them value.

Yet, there is a deluge of content on the Internet and without the right strategy, your content could get lost in the crowd. After all, 60% of online marketers create and publish at least one piece of content a day.

This is where Boost Digital can help you differentiate.

We are a full service content creation and marketing firm. Our team of content creators has been in the industry since the content first became a key piece of the digital marketing puzzle. Our experience and expertise has enabled us to serve the needs of a diverse range of clients, including Fortune 500, Fortune 100, and Fortune 50 companies. This is a testament to our ability to create content that matters.

Our content services cover:

  • Copywriting: We create well-researched, engaging, and SEO-friendly copy, tailored both to meet Google’s requirements and to keep your readers hooked. We avoid being ‘salesy’, yet get the message across effectively.
  • Blog Posts: Blogs are a dime a dozen online. Our talented content creators come up with interesting and relevant blog posts that are shareable and reader-friendly.
  • Web Page Content: We create content for your website in line with the modern design trends, including responsive design. Regardless of the theme and layout of your website, we can come up with content that gets your message across to visitors.
  • Content Syndication and Marketing: Creating quality content is only the beginning. We make sure your content goes viral by syndicating across the length and breadth of the internet, on social media and other relevant content platforms. We also market the content through effective methods, including back linking and keyword usage. We can guest post on your behalf as well.
  • Infographics: While the written word will always hold value, visuals are more engaging and deliver better results. We create visually striking and informative infographics for your brand, which keep your target audience hooked and communicate the message effectively.
  • Press Releases: PRs remain the ideal means of creating a buzz about all that is happening at your brand and more. We create PRs which are shareable and reader-friendly and publish them on the best PR directories to generate maximum traction.

So, if you want gifted professionals addressing your content needs, get in touch with Boost Digital today!