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Video Production & Editing

The general perception regarding online consumers today is they have short attention spans. Unless a brand is able to engage them within a couple of seconds, it is unlikely they will be able to generate leads and boost conversions. This is where you should leverage the power of video.

The Growing Power of Video

A professionally-made video can do wonders for the outreach of your online presence. Let’s look at a few numbers:

  • A picture speaks a thousand words, a 60-second video speaks 1.8 million…
  • Did you know the impact of video on social media is 1200% greater than conventional text and images?
  • You can increase your online web traffic by over 40% by using video as part of your online marketing strategy.
  • Placing a video on a landing page boosts conversions by over 800%.

Why Professional Video Production and Editing Is Necessary

Yet, this doesn’t mean any type of video will generate results. The video has to be made professionally and look appealing and engaging. Research shows over 60% of online visitors are unlikely to trust a brand if they publish a poor quality video. This is where Boost Digital can help you.

We offer comprehensive video production and editing services, using the latest tools and equipment to create cutting-edge, engaging videos, which aren’t just great to look at but communicate your brand’s message perfectly.

The absence of a professional touch from a video can do more harm than good. Don’t assume you can pick up a camera and shoot a video about your business and it will work. There is a good chance it won’t.

How We Can Help

Video can be an effective part of your overall marketing strategy, but for videos to work, the content has to be in line with your brand values and perception. Else, the video will end up driving people away, rather than attracting them to your brand.

At Boost Digital, we are a team of video production and editing experts. We understand the role of video in today’s SEO landscape, where videos are part of the search results which Google and other search engines display. This influences our approach to making videos, and we take an SEO-friendly tilt at every stage, from scripting to publishing.

We also conduct extensive keyword research to make your video easy to find and shareable so there is a good chance it will viral. Google loves the videos we make and they are easily crawled. Needless to say, you will love our videos too.

So, if you plan to add video to your marketing strategy, get in touch with us without delay. We are your one-stop shop to effective video production and editing, offering a variety of services including motion graphics and corporate communication.